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What are lip injections?

The staff at Eternal Hair and Esthetics use lip injections as a non-surgical procedure designed to provide you with fuller and more round lips. The injections have numerous benefits such as:

  • Refining wrinkles
  • Refining fine lines
  • Shaping your lips
  • Creating fuller lips

Having your lips augmented allows for improvement in the aesthetics of your smile, because the fullness of your lips helps to tighten the skin around your lips. All of this creates a more youthful appearance by decreasing the signs of aging.

Why Choose Eternal Hair & Esthetics?

  • We use REAL Brand Name products to correct specifications - NO WATERED DOWN product.

  • Customer Satisfaction - We have excellent ratings when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our reviews speak for themselves.

  • Our cosmetic procedures are carried out by experts who have a passion for what they are doing.

Before - After

What are lip injection products made of?

While there are multiple types of dermal fillers that can be injected into lips, the most common ones used contain hyaluronic acid, because it’s a natural substance found in every cell of your body. Hyaluronic acid helps build out an attractive shape to your lips that complements the rest of your face along with adding volume.

Hyaluronic acid lip injections are beneficial compared to other fillers, because they come in multiple forms in regards to the consistency and thickness of the gel. This allows for the customization of your treatment. In addition, this type of filler can also be given over a period of time until you achieve the results you desire.

What To Expect

The expert team at Eternal Hair and Esthetics begins by applying a numbing cream on and around your lips to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. Afterward, they mark the area on your lips where they inject the filler. Following the injection, you will be provided with ice to ease any discomfort and control potential swelling.

What can I expect after my lip injections?

From start to finish, your lip injections take no longer than 40 minutes. The best part is that after your treatment, you’ll see results immediately. As with any sort of injection, you may experience bruising or swelling for a few days.

To keep your lips looking plump and beautiful, it’s recommended to have regular lip injections every six to eight months to maintain your desired outcome.

Claim Lip Filler - .5CC For $299 Or 1CC For $598

*Cannot be combined with any other offers. See office for details.